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Makeplus is a Creative Hub that offers space and tools for multiple types of creative outlets and workshops. In-house we currently have a large state-of-the-art woodshop with stationary and portable power tools, a digital photography studio with available rentable equipment, a gallery space, and an assortment of rentable media spaces.

The rise of social media & technology has influenced our culture to crave and acquire information at the touch of a button. Continued advancements in technology have also influenced the way things are made. We now live in a world where digital fabrication reigns supreme and as technology continues to advance, it is more possible than ever to complete complex projects without the need to contract a fabricator. However, the price of technology, space, and time continues to increase, while our interests and desire to create continues to expand only to find limitations in the question of “How?”.

The younger generation of up and coming makers have been striving for a new way to prototype that reflects their now streamlined rapid acquisition of information. This desire – to create whatever, whenever – can be seen most vividly with the onset of 3D printing technology, automation, and programming, but has also helped to nurture the now widely accepted idea of Do-It-Yourself (DIY) making.

The driving source of inspiration surrounding Makeplus was the understanding that contemporary making – DIY making – needs to be more easily accessible to every person. At Makeplus, we believe that on some level, everyone is a Maker. The difficulty in making only arises when one doesn’t have the access to all of the resources needed to fully express or investigate interests. Makeplus has garnered the space and put the resources in place to help make the act of making just as accessible as the touch of a button.

Our Team

Omar Khaireddin
Founder + CEO + Teacher

Harrison Steinbuch
Founder + CBDO

Asmaa Abu Assaf
Executive Manager

Mariya Bandrivska
Graphic Designer

Natalya Al Omaary
Studio Manager